Break Room Essentials for Ground-Level Offices

Break Room Essentials for Ground-Level Offices

From standing around the watercooler to office-wide investigations into missing tuna sandwiches, office break rooms are famous, and for good reason. A break room gives you a space to eat, relax, and take a momentary pause in an otherwise busy day.

While you may not think that mobile offices host the best break rooms, we are here to surprise you and to broaden your horizons. Mobile office break rooms can be just as stocked, comfortable, and beloved as their permanent counterparts, especially when they’re created and equipped by Mobile Mini.

The following guide will give you all of the information you’ve ever needed or wanted on mobile office lunchrooms. By the end, we are pretty confident you will be as big of a fan as we are!

Break Room Location

Office break room location is a crucial part of any office layout planning. If you put the break room too far away from the desks, you’ll end up with food debris everywhere; too close, and you risk distraction from lunchtime banter.

One of the many benefits of a ground-level office is that layouts can be reconfigured with relative ease and many rooms can serve multiple purposes. For example, you can make your conference room into a mobile café/conference room hybrid by using foldable conference tables and chairs to pack away when it’s time for lunch. If things get too cramped in the conference room, you can easily move your mobile office break room to another area.

Break Room Supplies

A break room is only as good as the supplies inside of it. After all, how will you get through the 3 o’clock slump without a coffee maker? Our Essentials packages give you a fully outfitted office with one phone call. Think of Essentials as a one-stop shop for your mobile office. It includes everything you need to go from order to “outfitted” in one call.

We’re strong believers in a well-stocked mobile office break room space. That’s why our Essentials packages can include the following break room must-haves:

  • Folding Tables and Chairs: Whether you are looking for something permanent or options that can be easily folded and stored when not in use, we have all of the tables and chairs you need to outfit a great mobile office break room.
  • Microwaves: What’s an office break room without a microwave? Whether you’re heating up last night’s meatloaf or crisping a microwave burrito to perfection, no kitchen space is complete without a good, reliable microwave.
  • Coffee Pots and Keurig Machines: If microwaves are the mobile café MVPs, then coffee machines are a close runner-up. We have a range of coffee and Keurig machines to ensure that your office’s caffeine cravings are well-managed and well-fed.
  • Garbage and Trash Bins: They may not be fancy, but trash bins are essential when it comes to anything food-related. Mobile Mini has several garbage and trash bin options to match any and all mobile office lunchroom needs.
  • Whiteboards: You may not think of whiteboards with break rooms, but they do serve a purpose. For example, sometimes not all employees can take their lunch at the same time. In these situations, it helps to have a whiteboard with each shift’s break start times and end times so that everyone can stay on track and ensure that their co-workers get the food and rest they need. Whiteboards can also serve more entertainment-based purposes and create spaces for employees to stretch their artistic muscles, write notes back and forth, or to communicate with management and leadership.

Mobile Mini: Break Rooms and More

At Mobile Mini, we know that creating and furnishing an office space can get stressful. We are here to help you assess your needs, your wants, and the things you can’t live without. Our mobile café packages give you the choice to decide what you need and what you don’t. As always, our products and packages come with a guarantee that we will make delivery, installation, and pick-up stress-free. What’s more, all of our services come with access to 24/7 customer support. Our team is made up of experts who can offer turn-key office solutions that save your business time, money, and stress. No other company in North America can provide you with the depth and breadth of solutions to make your site functional and you more productive.

Work is stressful; lunch shouldn’t be. Contact us today and let’s optimize your mobile office space together.