Conference Rooms for Ground-Level Offices

Conference Rooms for Ground-Level Offices

Conference room tables seem to have mystical powers. Deals are brokered over them, promotions are granted across them, and some of our best professional moments take place within the four walls (or partitions) of the rooms that contain them.

When we picture conference rooms, we tend to visualize permanent workspaces, but mobile conference rooms have the same function, utility, and mysticism as their permanent counterparts. But they’re sometimes overlooked and misunderstood, so we’ve created the following guide to everything you’ve ever wanted or needed to know about portable conference rooms.

What Are Modular Conference Rooms?

Before we get into the wonders of mobile conference rooms, let’s clear one thing up. Modular, mobile, and portable are different ways of saying the same thing. We will use these terms interchangeably as they all refer to mobile conference room spaces.

Now, onto the basics.

Modular conference rooms are just what they sound like: conference room spaces that are housed within a mobile office unit. These conference rooms can be organized and designed any way you like, and can have as much or as little resemblance to a permanent conference space as you deem necessary.

Benefits of Mobile Conference Rooms

Mobile conference rooms have some key benefits that make them an essential workspace option. You can easily reconfigure your office space to move your conference room to any location you wish. They can be customized to mirror any aesthetic you want, and unlike standard spaces, you don’t need to go through a costly and time-intensive remodel to change things up. But our favorite benefit of mobile conference rooms is the flexibility that they bring to the workplace.

In permanent offices, conference rooms are usually separated from break areas, kitchens, and so on. With modular conference rooms, you can easily use foldable or portable furniture to turn your conference space into an all-purpose, multi-function room. For example, you can place kitchen equipment in your mobile conference room to allow employees to get snacks and drinks during meetings and to use the space as a break room when meetings are not taking place. You can also place folding desks in your conference room and use your conference space as a meeting/workspace hybrid.

The options for these conference spaces are endless, as are the customization and build-outs you can bring into the space as time goes on.

Mobile Conference Room Packages and Options

We are big fans of choice, and our Essentials packages give you a fully outfitted office with one phone call. From office unit to tech, accessories, and furniture, just think of Essentials as a one-stop solution to everything mobile office.

Now, our Essentials packages do offer complete turnkey office solutions, but they are anything but one-size-fits-all. Packages can be customized to meet individual needs. For example, Essentials conference room packages and solutions allow you to build the mobile conference room that works best for you and your employees. Our packages range from basic to premium and include items like:

  • Tables: What’s a conference room without a conference table? Not one that we want to be in, that’s for sure. Our modular conference room tables range from folding tables that can easily be stored when not in use to full-size conference tables that mirror what you would find in a permanent office space.
  • Chairs: Like tables, conference room chairs are pretty standard “must-have” items. Our packages include several chair options, ranging from folding chairs to leather-clad premium and “manager” options.
  • Kitchen Items: Mobile conference rooms can easily double as a break room or kitchen space. This setup makes it easy to grab food or coffee during a meeting without missing valuable information or discussions. We offer equipment like microwaves, Keurig machines, coffee pots, and mini-refrigerators to create your ideal (and well-caffeinated) mobile conference room space.
  • Desks: If you’re looking to use your conference room space as a general workspace during non-meeting times, you’re going to need some desks to allow for productive work time. We have a range of desks available, from standard models to standing desks and premium options. Desks can be outfitted with partitions and privacy screens to create more separate, private workspaces.

Mobile Mini: Your Source for Mobile Office Space

Mobile Mini has been around for almost 40 years. In that time, we have built an industry-leading customer service model that keeps our customers coming back to us decade after decade. When you rent or buy a ground-level office space from us, we make sure you are covered. From stress-free delivery, relocation, and pick-up to 24/7 customer support, we are with you every step of the way. Our team is made up of experts who are skilled and experienced in providing turnkey mobile office solutions that save our customers valuable time, stress, and money. Our Essentials packages offer flexibility and choice, allowing you to take what you need and to avoid paying for extras that you don’t. No other company in North America can provide you with the depth and breadth of solutions to make your site functional and you more productive.

Office space should be a source of productivity, not stress. Let us show you how simple creating your ideal modular workspace can be.