Office Trailers for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is an ever-changing, 24/7 job. While permanent police precincts are still very much in use and make a great home base for officers and detectives, portable offices offer the versatility, flexibility, and adaptiveness to make serving the public easier, safer, and more efficient.

At Mobile Mini, our office trailers for law enforcement are easy to move, affordable, and safe. We proudly serve law enforcement branches throughout the United States, providing durable mobile office solutions. While we like to think of ourselves as “portable police station” experts, we know that this knowledge is not always intuitive. The following guide will walk you through the ways that portable offices can benefit law enforcement and how some of our clients have used these units to help them serve the public good.

Portable Offices: Benefits and Uses

When you think of portable offices, law enforcement might not be the first field that comes to mind. However, office trailers for law enforcement have been growing in popularity due to their affordability, convenience, and endless utility. The top three law enforcement uses for these trailers include:

  1. Portable Police Station: Police stations can be expensive to build, especially when they are needed on a temporary or rolling basis. For example, many large public events require a heavy police presence throughout their duration. Rather than having officers stuck outside all day and night, portable stations provide a place to take breaks, plan, and tackle administrative functions while remaining on the scene. Just like their permanent counterparts, portable police stations are essential to supporting law enforcement operations. With a portable police station, it’s easy to move your trailer from one event to the next, avoiding the hassle of finding new space solutions on a regular basis.
  2. Storage: Storage needs are the unseen demand of law enforcement. Policing requires a lot of paperwork, equipment, and supplies, and sometimes—especially when you’re on the go or far from your home precinct—you need a place to house all that stuff. Portable office trailers offer law enforcement a safe and secure place to store documents and supplies on the go.
  3. Information Center/Emergency Hub: Emergencies and information needs seem to go hand-in-hand with public events. People always have questions and, inevitably, medical needs arise. In situations where events are held in locations that are far from a precinct or permanent structure, portable trailers provide a secure, quiet, and private space to address emergencies and to meet information requests and other civilian needs. With options to add blinds, these trailers offer the privacy you need to address any and all situations that may arise.

Ok, we’ve hit on uses; let’s talk benefits. Portable trailers have many benefits, some of which we have already hit on earlier.

  1. Portability: Office trailers for law enforcement are designed to move, which means you can bring them from location to location without worrying about damaging their structural integrity. This aspect lends itself well to law enforcement, as mobile needs tend to be ever-changing. If you find yourself needing to move your portable trailer, give us a call or request a relocation using MMConnect, our convenient digital platform.
  2. Affordability: If you were to buy a portable police station outright, you are looking at a price tag ranging between $15,000 and $45,000. This cost doesn’t include maintenance and other expenses that come up throughout the lifetime of one of these units. Conversely, when you rent a portable trailer from Mobile Mini, you get a cost-effective mobile office solution, and we take care of maintenance, pick-up, drop-off, and relocation.
  3. Safety: At Mobile Mini, our office trailers for law enforcement are durable and secure. Each unit is made from 100% corrugated steel, some of the toughest and strongest metals out there. Your unit will be strong enough to withstand storms, natural disasters, and anything else that Mother Nature throws at them. Our units also come standard with our tri-cam locking system. These locks are virtually impossible to pick, hack, or break, giving you a unit that’s essentially theft-proof. When you lock the door of your portable trailer, you can rest assured that the door is staying closed until you decide to open it. Period.

Is This One Size Fits All?

Definitely not. At Mobile Mini, we know that no two mobile office needs look the same. That’s why we carry a range of portable trailers to meet our customers’ diverse demands. Options include:

  • Standard Portable Trailer: Standard portable trailers come in 10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot models. These units work well for one to three people with room for minimal office furniture and/or supplies.
  • Extra-Wide Portable Trailer: These 30-foot units give you an extra two feet of space to accommodate more people, equipment and tech, office furniture, etc. More space, more utility.
  • Storage/Office Combo: Our record storage units give you the ability to house records and documents while still providing space for office furniture and limited personnel. These units are great for portable police stations because you have storage and utility all in one space.

Mobile Mini: Different. Better.

At Mobile Mini, we go out of our way to make sure that you’re getting the best storage units, the most attentive customer support team, and the best prices that the industry has to offer. We work hard to be North America’s number one storage and mobile office provider, and it’s not a title we will ever give up.

When it comes to mobile law enforcement needs, look no further!