Workstations for Ground-Level Offices

Workstations for Ground-Level Offices

Mobile offices are great products with…well…questionable reputations. People think mobile they assume they are getting a less-than-permanent workspace that will be uncomfortable and unpleasant to work in.

Well, Mobile Mini is here to blow your perceptions of mobile office units right out of the water. Our Essentials packages give you a fully outfitted office with one phone call. Think of Essentials as your one-stop solution for everything you need in a workspace. From office units to supplies and accessories, Essentials has it all.

Portable offices have changed a lot over the years. Today’s mobile office units offer all of the comfort and efficiency of a permanent workspace in a portable, affordable, and convenient package. Like any office space, mobile offices require workstations to give employees the environment they need to perform at their highest level. Since mobile office workstations may not be an area everyone is already an expert in, we have created the following guide to help you get better acquainted with the concept.

Mobile Office 101

Mobile offices are basically portable offices that you can easily move to new locations. The benefit of these units is that you can take them anywhere, limiting the expenses associated with regular office moves and remodels. Mobile offices come in many shapes and sizes; here at Mobile Mini, we have units as small as 160 square feet and units that exceed 1,000 square feet.

Now, mobile offices may be portable, but they can be outfitted with all of the comforts of a more permanent space. Let’s dive deeper into ways you can furnish and accessorize your portable office space.

What Is a Mobile Office Workstation?

Mobile office workstations are designed specifically for modular offices and are installed after your mobile office unit has arrived at your location.

Now, when you think of a mobile office, are you imagining an unattractive color scheme and thin walls with zero soundproofing? Not with Mobile Mini! Our modular workstations are designed to look as good as they function. You can even choose your layout. From open office designs to more traditional workstation layouts, we have everything you need to make your office into the perfect workspace for you and your employees.

What Comes in an Essentials Office Package?

Essentials office packages give you everything you need to start working right away. These turnkey packages take care of everything from office unit down to supplies, furniture, tech, and accessories.

We created Essentials to offer people an easy, centralized, and stress-free way to go from order to “outfitted” in as little time as possible. While we like to stay humble, we really hit the mark on this one.

The Essentials packages include things like:

  • Modular Office Desks: Desks are the MVP of the office furniture world, and our mobile office desk units are pretty great. We have all of the desks you could ever want, from standard office desks to conference tables and standing desks. Our desks can also be outfitted with privacy shields and partitions to create cubicles, or you can set them up without these add-ons to create an open office layout.
  • Office Chairs: Office chairs tend to be a personal issue. People spend weeks selecting their ideal chair, and for good reason: You spend 8-12 hours a day in these leather or cloth-clad beauties, so finding quality chairs for you and your employees is a must. Our range of chairs covers all bases, from basic and standard to stools and high-end leather models. Whether you’re looking for chairs to fill your mobile office conference room, cubicles, or break rooms, we’ve got you covered.
  • Storage and Shelving: Offices tend to come with a lot of paper, equipment, and other items that require storage and organization. Mobile Mini’s selection of mobile office storage units is pretty broad. We have everything from filing cabinets and bookshelves to lockers and storage towers (think wardrobe for your supplies).
  • Collaborative Supplies: Teamwork makes the dream work, and in-office collaboration tends to be a crucial aspect of many businesses’ daily operations. Our array of collaborative supplies helps you turn your mobile office space into a more productive and teamwork-driven environment. Our offerings include whiteboards, bulletin boards, flatscreen monitors, and drafting tables designed to work with our modular office spaces.
  • Accessories: This is where things really get interesting. Office accessories is a world of its own. Our mobile office accessories include surge protectors, garbage cans, boot scrapers, floor mats, cubicle panels, coat hooks, office supplies, and even coffee, creamer, and other caffeinated office essentials.

Is This a One-Package-Fits-All Situation?

Never. At Mobile Mini, we know that different companies have different needs when it comes to their mobile office workstations. Our Essentials packages are diverse, meaning you can pick the combination that works best for you and your business. While all Essentials packages are designed to be turnkey solutions, allowing you to walk into a fully functional office with no work on your end, we know that sometimes you need something a little extra. That’s why all Essential packages can be customized to meet your unique needs, and you can also always order add-ons or additional supplies a la carte as often as needed. Our team of experts are here to work with you to assess your needs and to find the best package for you and your business.

At Mobile Mini, we are customer service-centered and convenience-obsessed. We have been an industry leader in service and support for almost four decades, providing hassle-free delivery, set-up, and pick-up, and ensuring that our customers have everything they need to work with confidence. No other company in North America can provide you with the depth and breadth of solutions to make your site functional and you more productive.

We would love to show you the benefits and convenience of mobile workspaces. Contact us today and see how easy mobile work life can be!