Why Every Event Planner Should Invest in Portable Storage

Why Every Event Planner Should Invest in Portable Storage

Starting a new business can be simultaneously exciting and nerve-wrecking. It’s important to know you are well-equipped to serve your customers as well as possible – especially in the early stages.

Beginning a special event planning company can be a lucrative endeavor. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported the projected growth of event planning as an occupation to be above average – at 7% growth between 2018 and 2028. There is no shortage of job opportunities for event planners entering the field, nor is there lack of need for those hoping to start their own event planning business.

Just because there is a need, doesn’t mean your business will automatically be successful. You’ll have to work hard in the beginning to prospect and earn clients; further, invest in supplies you’ll need to plan events and run a small business (i.e., understanding taxes, adopting a payment platform, etc.).

Event Planning Storage Needs

Becki Cross, Managing Director, of Events Northern Ltd in the U.K. wrote about her entrepreneurial experience for EventMB (an online resource for event planners).

Cross operated her business from home, and as Events Northern grew, she invested in printers, marketing materials and event set-up equipment. Many event planners start their work from home to eliminate the cost of renting an office space. An ideal, practical solution is investing into a portable office. This way, all things “work” are in a safe, secure place and out of your actual home. Conveniently, this approach eliminates a commute to an office, since these office trailer rentals can be kept on-site.

Moving storage containers can double as office space and decoration/ supply storage. Mobile Mini’s portable storage containers are dropped off when and where it’s most convenient for you – from the parking lot of your jobsite office to your backyard, or anywhere in-between! You’ll be able to store your supplies without fear of severe weather or thieves ruining them.

This also allows you to organize items, according to how frequently you need them. For instance, you might keep holiday event supplies safely tucked away in the back during the warmer months, while keeping tents and chairs for outdoor events up front.

If additional office storage or a mobile container for supplies is something you need, call Mobile Mini today to learn about our customized, portable storage solutions!