Commercial Storage Units are Perfect for Schools

Commercial Storage Units are Perfect for Schools

Sometimes, it can feel like your school is bursting at the seams.

With increased enrollment and limited budgets, oversized, outdated and infrequently used supplies, equipment and furniture make school conditions more crowded, sometimes unsafe.

What if you could store these items in a centralized, safe and secure location throughout the year? More importantly, on school grounds for close, convenient and controlled access?

With one, or multiple, Mobile Mini portable storage containers, you can safely secure your school’s physical assets more effectively and affordably, while creating the space you need inside the school.

Instead of cluttered and crowded closets and unused classrooms, these areas can be better organized and efficiently used to accommodate more students, teachers and administrators, and provide a better environment for everyone.

Think about what you could do with all that newly freed-up space…

+ Expanded areas for performing arts and music.
+ Safer, more usable PE and athletic areas.
+ A nursing station, weight room, music practice room, or visitor waiting area.
+ An IT work center or server room, or a curriculum check-out room.
+ Conference rooms for administrative meetings or parent-teacher conferences.
+ Not to mention, reclaiming classrooms that were repurposed as storage areas.

Not only can commercial storage units be used for equipment and furniture, if your school needs more space, you can also inquire about renting portable office buildings. This is a great option if your school is expanding or under construction. Call Mobile Mini today to learn about a customized solution!