5 Unique Ways to Use Mobile Storage Units

5 Unique Ways to Use Mobile Storage Units
  1. Form of Shelter

If you live in an area that experiences disastrous weather or has a large homeless demographic – this section is for you. Large storage containers can be converted into shelter temporarily during natural disasters; similarly, homeless shelters can buy storage containers for more permanent, additional space at their locations.

2. Personal Office Space

Remote employees and entrepreneurs alike will oftentimes rent or purchase a storage container to be used as an office trailer. This is convenient, as investing in storage containers can be more cost-effective than renting/ buying office space in a building. Further, these metal storage containers have container locks, which ensure personal belongings, important documents, furniture, etc. are all secured and protected from thieves and weather damage.

3. Classroom

Whether your school is undergoing renovations or looking to expand, commercial storage units can help tremendously during times like these. For example, storage container rentals can be used for temporary additional space while more classrooms or storage rooms are being added to the campus. Considering these shipping containers come in a variety of lengths, widths and door configuration locations, they can be filled with desks, chairs, whiteboards and more for a comfortable classroom environment. Otherwise, the 40-foot container dimensions can be used purely to store gym equipment, landscaping tools, books/ supplies, etc. while undergoing summertime renovations.

4. Mobile Restaurant

Are you dreaming of opening your own restaurant? Are you already an entrepreneur looking to increase revenue? Having a mobile restaurant is a great way to start out and work your way up, or to expand brand awareness by getting out and about in your community! 

Whether you have a physical location and need full-time office storage/ record storage or just need temporary storage containers while undergoing a renovation – Mobile Mini has solutions that are customized to your needs so your project and business can continue running successfully.

We offer a variety of lengths, widths and door location configurations for your convenience. Further, we encourage customers to register with MM Connect so they can have 24/7 access to their account, costs, drop-offs, pick-ups and other reports. During all the responsibilities that come with owning a restaurant, make sure time and space are two things you are investing in. More space allows for safer work environments, or portable work environments where you can convert a storage container into a mini restaurant while at community fairs, fundraisers and other events growing your brand!

5. “Man Cave” / “She Shed”

Mobile Mini’s portable storage containers can be used in a variety of ways – for commercial, industrial and even residential purposes.

If you feel like you have more “things” than you have space for, or have always wanted that “man cave”/ “she shed,” then we’ve got a solution for you! Mobile Mini has large storage containers, or small storage containers, depending on your needs. We offer customized solutions to all our customers so you get the space you need for your project or spare room!

What sets Mobile Mini apart from other competitors in the industry is the security that comes with each of our units. Being made of steel protects your belongings from weather damage, while our patented Tri-Cam locking system is reassurance that your items are best-protected from theft.

Do these unique uses of mobile storage containers speak to you? Do they spark another idea for how a container rental could be used? Great! Call Mobile Mini today to inquire about the space you need, what you need it for and we will happily work with you to find a customized solution. You can also check out other container conversion ideas here, to start brainstorming your project.