Custom Shipping Containers: One Unit, Endless Possibilities

Custom Shipping Containers: One Unit, Endless Possibilities

Shipping containers have come a long way from their humble beginnings. These days, you can turn a simple shipping container into pretty much anything you want. From sheds and home offices to storage units and pop-up shops, the utility of a modern modified shipping container knows no bounds.

Modified Shipping Containers: Sustainable, Adaptable, Strong

You may not instantly think of a shipping container as the physical location of your new pop-up shop, but give us a minute to convince you. In a world that is becoming increasingly eco-conscious and moving away from large and sprawling and toward small and sustainable, custom shipping container spaces are a convenient, eco-friendly choice.

Back in the day, these steel beasts were designed to transport cargo across some of the world’s most tumultuous waterways. With this in mind, shipping containers are designed to remain strong, sturdy, and reliable throughout their lifespan (which is usually over 20 years!). They’re also weather-proof and portable.

Their strength and durability—not to mention portability—make them ideal for all kinds of duties besides shipping. Some alternative uses for modified shipping containers include:

  • Pop-Up Shops: Mobile shipping container pop-up shops are an affordable alternative to launching brick-and-mortar operations. Added perk? Shipping containers are portable, which means it’s easy to pack up and make your pop-up experience regional or even national.
  • Seasonal Inventory Storage: Since shipping units are compact (most units fit into one parking space), you can easily store your unused inventory on-site, creating access when you need it and freeing up retail space for current stock and customer flow.
  • Commercial Outdoor Storage: Like seasonal inventory, shipping containers also make great outdoor commercial storage units. Shipping containers are weather-proof and built to withstand a whole lot, creating a safe and protected environment for all of your corporate supplies. From construction equipment to computers and ecommerce, these units are the perfect commercial storage solution.
  • Healthcare Storage: Our shipping containers can make your healthcare setting safer and more efficient. Rather than use patient rooms for medical storage, our units offer an on-site space to house excess supplies, organize unused materials, and ensure that critical items are safe and easily accessible.
  • Event Storage: From festivals to street fairs, our shipping containers provide a safe, secure space to house your equipment, electronics, sound systems, tickets, and lockboxes overnight, in times of inclement weather, and whenever you’re offsite.
  • Home/Mobile Office: Working from home seems to have gone from an occasional perk to everyday reality. If you’re getting tired of the kitchen-as-your-conference room lifestyle, shipping containers are great home office options. Since these containers are portable, you can set one up in your back or front yard and then add some furniture, a computer or two, and bam! Home office space of your dreams. We also stock ready-made mobile office units that can be customized to include full set-ups if you’re looking for something more prefab and less DIY.

But don’t let this list confine you. We have some customers who have used shipping container modifications to create yoga spaces, spin studios, and reading nooks. If you can do the activity within four walls, chances are you can do it in a shipping container.

How to Customize Shipping Containers

Modifying your shipping container to create an alternative space is easy. Of course, your exact modifications will depend on the intended use of your container, but here are a few examples to help get the creative juices flowing:

  • Healthcare Storage: If you’re looking for a safe place to house medical equipment and supplies, just install shelves and wall bins to create an organized space that keeps items secure and out of patient rooms.
  • Pop-Up Shops: We suggest installing some shelves or racks to display your inventory. You might also lay down some flooring with runners to give customers clear pathways, and of course, a great speaker system to blast some fun, retail-inspiring tunes throughout the day/night.
  • Event Storage: Turning your shipping container into an event storage unit is easy and stress-free. If your event involves heavy sound equipment and electronics, think about installing insulated crates to keep your supplies cool during summer months and to provide an extra layer of protection for more sensitive equipment. Shelves are essential for event storage space as they allow you to keep things organized. Pro tip: Keep frequently used items on the top shelf closest to your storage unit door so you can easily grab things when you’re in a rush.

When It Comes to Custom Shipping Containers, Size Matters

Obviously, one of your first considerations when looking at modifying a shipping container to create an alternative space will be size. If you are looking to create a home office, you will want something larger than if you simply want a quiet place to read. At Mobile Mini, we have a wide range of standard and extra-wide shipping containers for you to choose from.

  • Standard Width Containers: Our standard units come in 10-foot, 15-foot, 20-foot, 25-foot, and 40-foot options and have internal volumes that range from 598 cubic feet to 2,414 cubic feet. These are great for smaller storage jobs, individual dining pods, inventory storage, and anything else that doesn’t require a ton of space.
  • Extra-Wide Containers: Our extra-wide storage containers come in 18-foot and 25-foot options, with internal volumes that range from 1,292 cubic feet to 1,778 cubic feet. These units are perfect for home office conversions, sheds, pop-up shops, and so on.

The Safe Option

We’ve already covered shipping containers’ structural benefits (weather-proof, strong, durable), but, at Mobile Mini, all of our containers come standard with our patented tri-cam locking system. These theft-proof, tamper-resistant locks are impossible to hack, pick, or break into, and they ensure that no one is getting into your unit without a key. This added security means that you can leave your home office or backyard hideaway and feel confident that all will look exactly as you left it when you return.

The Mobile Mini Difference

At Mobile Mini, we’ve been an industry leader in service and customer support for almost 40 years. Our experts are here to help you meet all of your shipping container and storage needs and are available 24/7 to answer questions and troubleshoot problems. When you rent with Mobile Mini, delivery, pick-up, and relocation are always stress- and hassle-free, and we will do everything we can to make sure your experience is positive and productive.

Being forced to come out of your new shipping container backyard oasis will be tough; storage and container rental shouldn’t be. Check us out today and experience the “Mobile Mini difference” for yourself!