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Storage Is a Must During Conferences


Throughout the course of the year, many conferences take place across the country. These gatherings cover a host of topics that are important for the present and future of various industries.

Some of the most widely anticipated conferences and gatherings are those held by technology and entertainment companies. The spring and summer seasons are when many of these large events occur, hosting thousands of attendees, not to mention the glut of media attention.

With so many people and equipment in one location over an extended period of time, often lasting a few days or sometimes as long as a week, storage space becomes a key focus. Companies and conference organizers will want to ensure equipment and anything else is safely stored without having to travel far for retrieval.

Trade show.During trade shows and conferences, portable storage is needed.

Conference Update

During the month of April, Facebook held its F8 Developer Conference at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. There, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other notable figures within the company talked about what users and developers can expect from Facebook in the upcoming months and years.

While still the undisputed leader in social media, Facebook is also making a push into virtual reality and the use of bot technology, with the latter being created to help users complete tasks such as shopping.

According to USA Today, one of the highlights was the unveiling of a 360-degree camera. With this prototype, users with virtual reality technology will feel like they are in a film created with the camera.

Virtual reality is a key area of focus for many companies. During the Microsoft Build Conference, the personal computing company provided an update on its headset, known as HoloLens. TechRepublic stated the augmented reality headset, which combines the digital and physical world, is still some time away, as Microsoft and developers seek to build an ecosystem that consumers will find useful in their daily lives.

These expensive devices are extremely valuable, and during large gatherings where there are lots of moving parts and people, companies need to ensure everything is properly secured.

Future Shows

Google and Apple will each be holding their own developer shows in the upcoming months. As always, both are highly anticipated, and many observers expect the two tech giants to unveil new updates to their mobile phone operating systems that will enhance the smartphone and computing experience.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo in June showcased the world of video games. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and other major publishers were in attendance and every year, they build massive stages to showcase new games. Attendance has varied throughout the years, but according to the popular video, but according to the popular video game publication IGN  more than 52,000 people attended 2015’s trade event.

Building these stages at conferences is not an easy task. These structures require many components that have to be assembled days ahead of time and in accordance with a certain process. Additionally, the work is not all completed in one day, meaning the equipment has to be stored somewhere.

Why Portable Storage Helps

Conferences are large-scale events that require detailed planning by the organizers, because even the slightest mistake can throw the entire event off.

Such a mistake that has to be avoided is the misplacement of important materials and equipment. Companies may find it easier to store demo products and devices on location instead of transporting them the day of the presentation.

Likewise, companies tasked with building the various stages and floor booths need a place to store the materials. Constantly traveling back and forth between locations takes too much time.

This is where mobile storage containers come in handy. Not only can secure storage containers hold large and valuable items, but they also help cut down on travel time so crews can focus their energy on constructing booths and stages. Portable storage containers can also be placed out of sight by conference attendees.

But if potential thieves or vandals happen to be in the area, every portable storage container from Mobile Mini comes with the patented Tri-Cam Locking system to deter theft.

The next time a conference is in town, mobile storage containers can help ensure the entire event proceeds smoothly.