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Four Myths About Portable Storage Containers

4 Myths About Storage ContainersPortable storage containers are cost effective methods for businesses to quickly and easily add needed space. These large containers are smart choices for businesses needing extra space for inventory, equipment, office space, or even secure storage of important documents. They are easily transported, with a standard set-up, and practical to use. They are also easily removed when no longer needed. Because mobile storage units come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can be tailored to your needs, including your specific security requirements.
Portable storage containers are already widely used by large and small businesses because businesses know they are good solutions for many of their most important needs. However, some business owners in retail, event planning, and construction sites cling to whispered myths about storage containers that are patently false. This article highlights a few of the myths surrounding portable storage containers, and reasons why they are in fact only myths.

Myth #1: Portable Storage Containers Are Dirty Steel Boxes.

Made of steel? Yes, but portable storage containers are not dirty boxes. Portable storage containers provided by Mobile Mini are delivered clean, painted and ready to use. They are like other kinds of storage space that a business might require. The advantages to portable storage containers are that they’re portable and businesses pay rent for them when they are needed.
Storage containers are useful in keeping contents organized, as you would in your regular place of business. The most common mistake that business owners make with portable storage containers is just haphazardly putting all the stuff inside without taking time to organize. But by using the extra storage space, it’s a lot easier to organize your inventory and keep your regular place of business free of clutter. As an added incentive for storage container users, shelving options exist for those with extra needs.

Myth #2: Portable Storage Containers Are too Expensive for Smaller Businesses.

The only expense that comes in storage containers is the leasing payments involved. You don’t have to pay for space that you don’t need. You choose your desired length of time for the need of the portable storage container. Mobile Mini will work with your business to find the right size container for your needs. Portable storage containers come in all sizes. There is simply no more economical use of space than that.
Business owners needing extra stock area or additional inventory areas should determine the most economical and efficient way to find that extra stock space and get the job done. In most cases, the most efficient method is getting a portable storage container delivered to your door. Not only are storage containers convenient, but they can actually improve the bottom line by speeding up the process of moving inventory.
You’ll know that you have more product inventory on hand during the busy season, or avoid the need to store equipment at a home office or yard when working at a remote job site. This can even make paperwork more efficient, as documents can be securely stored, as well. Many businesses can improve the bottom line simply by taking full account of their inventory costs and the relative benefits of more rather than less inventory.

Myth #3: Portable Storage Containers Are not Secure from Theft and Vandalism.

Like any building, portable storage containers can be a target of thieves, but portable storage containers are built to be resistant to unwanted invasion. They are made of steel (unlike the windows in your place of business), and are generally kept locked in a area close to the security cameras and night security guards.

Myth #4: There Is no Need to Have Insurance for Items Stored in Portable Storage Containers.

Many businesses protect their properties by having insurance for their storage units. This is typically an addition to their regular business insurance. As secure as they are, portable storage containers are like any other building, and the items stored inside can still be at some risk of damage or theft. Mobile Mini recommends that business owners have their possessions covered when in use in storage containers. Consider the possibility that one day you or one of your employees forgets to lock up the storage container, and items get taken. The price of extra insurance will likely seem worth it.