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Advantages of Leasing Over Owning a Storage Container

Advantages of Leasing Over Owning a Storage ContainerThere are a number of practical considerations in deciding to lease a mobile storage container over buying one. Cost may be one element, but other considerations of timing, inventory control, and manageability may also factor into any type of decision.
Adaptability, efficiency and flexibility are the main advantages of using mobile storage units over traditional permanent storage methods. One example of this flexibility is retailers who use mobile steel containers to help with holiday inventory or seasonal inventory needs. Your local Walmart is a good example. When the massive retailer is stocking up on back to school supplies or Halloween outfits for seasonal sales, its stores need extra storage space for these. That’s where leasing 5, 10 or 20 storage containers will become a perfect solution.
With a rental, the burden of maintenance and repair is largely taken care of by the storage container company. The movement and transportation of these containers is also taken care of by the company. Whenever a storage container is needed, for whatever type of project, customers only lease containers when the demand is there. This helps save money when the demand isn’t there. The adaptability of storage containers is well-suited for many leasing situations.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Retailers with seasonal and holiday inventory storage needs are only one group of businesses that benefit from leasing storage containers. Major construction projects and new housing developments often like the ease and usefulness of portable storage units on the sites.
Secure storage at the job site is one of the main priorities for construction project managers. In order to maintain project management tasks for new commercial construction, utilizing the capacity of storage units is an absolute must.
With on-site mobile storage containers, workers no longer have to leave the job site to get equipment or materials from a remote storage facility or manufacturing plant. The goods can already be on-site in the container.

Leasing or Owning?

The option is always available to buy a storage container, as well. This option provides advantages that you only get through ownership, such as the ability to make modifications at will and fully customize it to your needs and wishes.

Here are some situations below in which leasing a mobile storage container may make more sense than buying:

  • Construction and Remodeling Projects: There is a temporary need to store equipment and/or materials while construction and remodeling is underway. It’s often more efficient to store equipment on-site, rather than transport it to and from an off-site location. The easy access to the storage container will allow for quicker finishes to projects and more effective workdays.
  • Materials Organization: When storage space is limited, it makes organizing a difficult task. Adding a storage container gives you space to work and to move things around. Once you’ve got it organized, you may not need the storage container any more, so back it goes, saving you money.
  • Document Organizing: Storage containers are easily customizable to accommodate shelves, cabinets and other containers for documents organization. They are safe, secure, and weather resistant, and close in proximity to the business.
  • No Need for Permanent Storage: Maybe you do most of your business around the holidays and want to build inventory only during the peak shopping months. Maybe you manufacture patio furniture that is primarily sold during the summer season, but you want to build up inventory all year long to be ready. Rent the storage unit for short periods of time and save your bottom line.
  • Permanent Storage Containers not Allowed: Businesses might face regulations set up either by the city or a commercial district association that prohibit storage containers from remaining in a certain location (street, driveway, docking area) for extended periods of time. Leasing a container for a short-term period allows you to work within the confines of the rules and still accomplish your goals.
  • Timing Needs: For many businesses and individuals, this may be the most important reason, as their timing needs are often in flux. Storage containers can be rented repeatedly on short-term leases to fill in only when it becomes necessary, and they can be rented and set up at a site on short notice, making them extraordinarily helpful to a volatile and fast-changing business.

Choosing to rent a mobile storage unit over buying one is often a decision based on a combination of cost, convenience, and a sense of flexibility and adaptability. You can always get sound advice from storage experts at Mobile Mini. The leader in mobile storage units knows the advantages of different types of storage solutions. Its team can show you ways that renting a temporary storage container will fit well within your needs and budget.