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Security Guards Can Help Many Types of Businesses and Events

Security guards can be a crucial component of any business or entity. They protect the property and the people on it from crime and violence.

Denise Brown of Demand Media wrote that security guards can have a wide range of responsibilities. While they are all typically responsible for keeping the area secure and free of intruders or lawbreakers, some are also given the responsibility to monitor the heating and cooling systems or answer phones, either during business hours or after hours when a secretary or other employee goes home.

They also typically provide their employer with activity logs, which they record every day, as well as damage or crime reports to explain any occurrences that happened while they were on duty.

When Security Guards Are Needed
Security guards can benefit many different kinds of organizations, people and businesses. Crime poses a threat to businesses of all kinds. Cash-only businesses or those that operate mainly in cash, such as convenience stores and banks, can be targets because of the potential for criminals to make off with a large amount of money. Because of this, some businesses decide to hire a security guard to protect the premises from thieves.

“Security guards can help immensely during events.”

First Security, a security and patrol company in San Jose, California, explained guards can help immensely during large events. Large crowds can sometimes get out of hand, which can not only take away from the focus of the evening, but also be dangerous to other attendees. Having a security guard that is properly trained to manage crowds and remove trouble-making patrons from an area can make for an event that flows smoothly.

In addition to managing crowds and keeping areas safe, there are plenty of other reasons a security guard can benefit businesses, property owners and events.

Kooser explained guards often interact with the people who enter and leave the area they are guarding. This means that, when someone is looking for directions to a particular office or room, the guard is there to help. If someone has a question about the event or the area, the guard can likely give patrons answers. They are often great for customer service because, not only are they helpful, but they also make customers and guests feel safe while on the property.

Some events or businesses prohibit some belongings from being brought onto the property. To enforce these rules, bag checks are often needed. Security guards can check bags for unwelcome items, from beverages from another venue to weapons.

They can also limit access to certain areas of a building or event. For instance, it’s important that fans at concerts aren’t permitted backstage, except in special circumstances. This can cause overcrowding, expose valuable equipment to risk of damage and may put performers in danger. Plus, performers often have pre-show rituals that help them get ready. Letting fans in can disrupt this process and result in a lower-quality show.

Concerts aren’t the only place limited access is required. Some businesses will have areas that are restricted from the general public. This is to protect business information, valuable equipment, or the people who work in the restricted area. Without security guards, these could all be put at risk of theft, damage or violence.

Hiring a Security Guard
According to StudentScholarships.org, a company dedicated to managing scholarships for businesses and to providing scholarships to students, there are about 1,100,000 people employed as security guards today. Additionally, the number of people employed as security guards is expected to grow 16.9 percent over the next 10 years. This shows that security guards are becoming increasingly more valuable to people and businesses.

When hiring a security guard, there are a few things you should do. First, it’s crucial that the guard is qualified and trained. Security Consensus explained that someone looking to hire one should ask the security company for potential candidates’ credentials as well as background checks.

Once a guard is chosen and hired on, it’s important they know exactly what their duties are. Explain what the terms of employment will be, as well as any rules they’ll need to follow while at work. Go over any patrol routes they will have and what information you want in the activity reports.

Mobile Mini can provide an office
Security guards spend most of their time on their feet. Others monitor surveillance cameras, which allow them to sit or stand as they like. No matter what the responsibilities of a security guard are, most will need a designated place to complete any necessary paperwork or fulfill other duties. Having an office ready for them is a nice way to provide this space. However, it’s often unlikely that a business or an event will have the time or the funds to build one.

Instead, portable office solutions provide a great way to give security guards the space they need to complete their work. Mobile Mini’s portable offices have windows and climate control systems to ensure they are comfortable for those using them. They are also equipped with a three-point interior locking system and a D-ring with a discus lock to provide maximum security.