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Serving Up Snow! How to Get Set Up for the Ski Crowd

As the temperatures continue to plummet and the winter snow rolls in, business is heating up for retailers dealing in ski equipment and winter goods. These retailers have already begun building their inventory of skiing equipment, snowboards, snow mobiles, ice fishing sets, and winter apparel in anticipation of winter sports customers looking to rent or buy their goods.

But this seasonal surge of inventory can pose storage challenges for businesses that are limited on space. That’s why many winter equipment retailers are relying on portable storage containers as a convenient, affordable means to temporarily and securely manage their stock for the winter seasons, providing plenty of storage room for even the largest recreational devices, accessories, and equipment for skiers, snow mobile riders, and other customers.

Additional On-Site Space

But inventory storage options can be limited for retailers who need to accommodate large volumes of winter recreational equipment and apparel. For most retailers, renting extra commercial space or building onto an existing store simply isn’t an option, and it certainly isn’t a cost-effective choice just for temporary, seasonal items.

For these reasons, many retailers have started to use portable storage containers to help accommodate their winter storage needs. Portable storage containers can be delivered on-site and placed in the business’s parking lot or in a loading bay at the dock and left there for as long as needed throughout the winter season. This gives the retailer convenient on-site storage for their winter ski equipment rentals and sales inventory. There’s no traveling to an offsite storage facility or warehouse, and the business only pays for the mobile storage container for the specific duration when it’s needed.

Benefits of Portable Storage Containers for Temporary Seasonal Inventory

Retailers that experience significant inventory builds during the winter season are ideal candidates for temporary on-site storage containers. Some of the advantages of using portable storage containers to accommodate winter equipment rentals include:

  • Extra Space on an As-Needed Basis: For businesses dealing in ski rentals and winter recreational equipment, business peaks during the fall and winter months, before slowing in the spring and summer months. But it’s only during those cold weather months that additional storage is needed to accommodate the seasonal equipment. Paying rent year round at a storage unit or warehouse just to store inventory that will move in a month or two simply doesn’t make financial sense.

Renting a portable storage container for the season allows winter sports equipment retailers to accommodate their inventory build on a short-term basis. Mobile storage containers can be rented for as little or as long as needed. So, rather than locking into a long-term rental agreement, the business simply pays to rent the portable storage container until the goods are gone or the demand dies down at the end of the season. The cost savings can be significant.

  • Fulfill Customer Orders Instantly: Building seasonal inventory and storing it onsite gives winter retailers the ability to immediately fulfill customer purchases with no wait time. When a customer rents or purchases ski or snow equipment, the product can be immediately retrieved from the onsite portable storage container and handed over to the customer, completing the transaction. Mobile storage containers give retailers the ability to store more winter inventory, so they can fully accommodate the seasonal spike in business and profit from it more abundantly without running out of product.
  • Free up Valuable Floor and Warehouse Space: Winter recreational equipment, like snow mobiles, snow removal equipment, and ski sets, is large and takes up precious retail floor place, displacing other products and costing the business sales opportunities. And if warehouse space is limited, storing large winter recreational equipment can cause overcrowding and organizational issues.

Using a portable storage container to safely store this winter equipment can free up much needed space for retailers. Mobile storage containers come in a variety of sizes, with various widths and lengths available to accommodate a company’s storage needs. These portable storage containers can easily accommodate even the largest winter recreational equipment, like snow mobiles and snow removal equipment, providing easy access to these goods as they are rented out or sold to customers.

  • Secure Valuable Winter Inventory Against Theft and Vandalism: For retailers dealing in winter equipment rentals, the season can make or break the business. A good winter season can catapult the business to a profitable year. Conversely, a bad winter season can land a business in the red and jeopardize its future.

With so much at stake, businesses need to go the extra mile to protect their winter inventory. Snow mobiles, skis, snowboards, snow removal equipment, and other winter accessories are all very valuable and in-demand goods that can attract thieves. They need to be locked down somewhere safe and impenetrable.
The best portable storage containers offer exceptional security features. Mobile Mini offers a patented Tri-Cam Locking System and ContainerGuard lock on our tough, all-steel portable containers, delivering the highest level of security in the industry. The units protect business’s most valuable inventory against would-be thieves and vandals in even the most dangerous locations. The containers are also weatherproof, so they can handle all the snow, rain, sleet, wind, and harsh winter conditions without wearing out or exposing stored goods.
Portable storage containers provide a cost-effective, convenient, and secure storage solution for businesses gearing up for equipment rentals and sales this ski season. Learn more about our seasonal storage solutions at Mobile Mini.