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Retailers Will Need to Make Room for Holiday Shoppers

The typical holiday shopping season is quickly approaching, and soon stores will be put to the test as hoards of people crowd their locations. While the masses will be focused on gift-buying in November and December, the months prior are just as important to the retailer. According to the National Retail Federation, retailers need to dedicate several months to prepare for increased activity in their stores. But once they do, it’s important they have the space to house these additional items.

Retailers get in the holiday mood

“The holidays are nearly here, and from warehouses to store shelves, retailers are making sure they have the merchandise on hand to meet consumers’ demands,” Jonathan Gold, NRF’s vice president for supply chain and customs policy, explained in a statement. “November and December are the busiest time for holiday shopping, but [October] is the month for the behind-the-scenes supply chain work that ensures shoppers will find what they want, where they want it, when they want it.”

One common problem retailers run into is physical shelf space to house all the items people will be looking for in these coming months. Certain products will need to be stocked more than usual. For example, according to data from The NDP Group, last year’s two biggest-selling categories in November and December included:

  • Electronics, such as LCD screens, tablets and notebooks
  • Clothing, including knitted shirts, jeans and skirts

Making room for holiday storage

It’s important to make sure that this year’s newest electronics and latest fashions are well stocked, but it’s also crucial to consider the shelf space for other items. In making room for these sought-after purchases, it’s possible that a retailer could sacrifice shelf space that otherwise would have been dedicated to other items.

The solution to this problem is to have inventory space so that supplies can be replenished as needed. However, dedicating too much space to holiday storage can cut down on the floor space that can be allocated to shelves and racks of goods. Store owners and managers want to maximize the amount of space that shoppers have to browse.

Mobile Mini’s portable storage for retail can help with this all-too-common problem. By creating retail storage outside of the physical building, more space can be dedicated to active shopping space. With a store’s most popular items stockpiled in a weather-resistant, highly secure storage container in the parking lot or behind the building, whether or not there will be enough of something to satisfy all customers will rarely be a question.