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Organize Your Retail Store with the Right Inventory Storage Solutions

How Organized Retail Inventory Storage Can Increase Profits

There’s a lot to love about Dallas. It’s a city full of culture, tradition and thriving industries everywhere. But one of the most exciting trends is the boom in the retail industry. In fact, as recently as 2017, the retail industry in Dallas-Fort Worth had a record-high occupancy rate of 92.7%. Not only does Dallas provide customers with a wide variety of retail options to buy from, but it also gives businesses the opportunity to grow by meeting the needs of all the customers.

Increased demand means an increase in inventory, but not necessarily a change in floor size. Many retail stores in the DFW area are looking to portable, secure inventory storage solutions in order to meet the needs of all their customers. What you might not be considering is how to add extra value to your portable inventory storage. That’s why Mobile Mini of Dallas is here, to help you get the best storage solution for your retail needs.

Organized Inventory Storage for Your Dallas Retail Store

Inventory storage is more than just a place to put your merchandise. Your storage needs to address workflow, product tracking, and theft control. Especially if you need a storage container that sits outside of your retail store, security and efficiency are a top priority. While some storage containers offer a lower price, perhaps a better way of thinking about your options is what you would be losing without making an investment in the right inventory storage for your retail store.

Special Features of Mobile Mini Portable Storage

At the top of every retail manager’s mind is how to limit theft. Your inventory is how you stay profitable and earn the trust of your customers. If your storage container isn’t providing proven, guaranteed security features, you’re not getting the value that you need out of it. All of Mobile Mini’s portable storage options have a patented Tri-Cam Locking System that uses vault-like bars that keep your inventory secure.

Product tracking is also a huge concern when it comes to retail store inventory storage. You need to know exactly what came in and what went out to the floor every day. That’s why many of our retail store customers prefer a storage container with an attached office. Give yourself a place to run the operations of your retail store while keeping an eye on your product flow. That kind of convenience and efficiency will prove its value to your store immediately.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly to your sanity, you have to consider the cost of managing one more moving part in your retail store. Do you have the time and space to coordinate drop-offs and pickups and all the logistics that are involved with using portable storage solutions? The answer is probably not. Your time, especially during the busy seasons when you need more inventory storage, is better spent on the floor, greeting your customers and giving them a great in-store experience. When you’re deciding on what the value of your portable inventory storage container is, consider that Mobile Mini can handle the logistics for you. All you have to do is say when and where, and we’ll handle the rest. A secure, convenient inventory storage container will show up exactly when you’re ready.

Get a Custom Storage Solution with Mobile Mini

Learn more about our entire line of inventory storage containers by contacting us today. We’ll listen to your needs, the availability you have and help suggest the right size storage container as well as any added features you may benefit from, including our 10′ wide storage containers that can fit two pallets and still have walking space in the middle. We will do everything we can to prove that you’re getting much more than a storage container, you’re getting a valuable asset to the function and efficiency of your Dallas retail store.