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Doctors Offices Begin Their Move into Malls

While the shopping mall has declined in recent years because of the emergence of online sales, they aren’t completely a relic of the past.

The malls that are most successful today, are the ones that are able to adapt to the changing economic climate. Though some may prefer to buy their shoes and electronics online, there are still several ways malls can maintain foot traffic. One example, is offering new services in place of the old brick-and-mortar stores.

Checking health while shopping

Some malls hope to fill vacant retail spaces with doctor’s offices.

“The in-mall doctor’s office offers the best of both worlds.”

Older visitors are more likely to shop in person. Baby boomers in particular, may not fully embrace online shopping but will gradually need more medical care, Bloomberg noted. To make things easier from both a shopper and patient perspective, the in-mall doctor’s office offers the best of both worlds.

The source highlighted Los Angeles and San Francisco as two prominent cities where this trend is growing. Potential patients may even find this more convenient because doctor’s office hours are sometimes hard to meet with work and personal matters.

The San Francisco Chronicle highlighted how the Live Well Medical Clinic in the Tanforan Shopping Center is open 74 hours throughout the week and accepts appointments and drop-ins. It is essentially possible for shopping mall visitors to purchase any merchandise they need before and after a doctor’s appointment in the same building.

Challenges exist

However, it’s not always so easy for doctors to move into a retail space, which is not designed with medical service in mind. Renovations are likely needed to account for patients, waiting areas and equipment.

Bloomberg noted that some health care providers are signing leases that contain improvement allowances, which is a good sign for the changing mall landscape, but does present some hurdles.

It is during this construction that mobile storage containers will come in handy. Construction crews can utilize them to store tools and supplies for the duration of the job. Additionally, doctors and medical companies can safely store expensive medical equipment, and have it ready to move as soon as renovations are complete. Even after construction has ended, these containers can double as extra storage space, should the mall or clinic need more.

Lately, shopping mall landlords have been enticing doctors to open offices in former retail spaces. Before, during and after construction, Mobile Mini mobile storage containers can meet the storage needs to all users.