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6 Reasons Your Business Needs a Portable Storage Container

Ineffective inventory control is one of the biggest issues in today’s retail world, both for big box stores and smaller companies. Retailers often waste money by holding onto inventory items longer than they should. There are costs involved in storing and managing inventory in a warehouse center, including paying utilities and staff. More importantly, products can become less valuable the longer they sit in inventory. Examples include foods, drinks, or medicines with expiration dates or “best used by” freshness dates. Other items like trendy clothes may simply lose their appeal and their value over time.

To combat this erosion of product popularity, and keeping items in stock when they are needed, retailers are looking to alternate solutions for inventory management. Studies have shown that lack of inventory on promoted items (such as running out of a sale item) is a factor contributing to loss of store and brand loyalty.

To change this in the retail business, retailers have been increasingly looking at portable storage containers as an efficient way to match inventory to customer demand. Using containers as added inventory space on-site can also help retailers with maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty, and building new efficiency into its business.

Big box retail is not the only industry that is getting a boost from portable storage containers. In the construction business, the ability to store key equipment on-site lowers the time and costs for the construction crew. Portable storage containers eliminate travel and transport of equipment to off-site locations. For any business trying to balance space, inventory, and service, the added storage capability and easy adaptability of secure portable containers and associated services, such as those offered by the leading portable container service company Mobile Mini, are a natural choice.

In order to assist business owners in evaluating the potential for portable storage containers to help their inventory issues, here’s a list of six reasons why your business needs portable storage containers:

1) Storage Containers Quickly Alleviate Inventory Problems. Absence of key inventory at times of high demand is both a loss of business and reason for the loss of customer loyalty. This is a phenomenon well-documented by in the GMA Worldwide Retail Out-of-Stocks Study and examined in detail more recently by these and other market researchers. Furthermore, with the global expansion of products and the sluggishness of the world economy, competition for shelf space and the marginal cost of providing it are at a peak. This means even small inventory improvements can impact competitiveness.

2) Storage Containers Offer More Space for Your Business. For many businesses, the value of additional space is not often realized. Extra inventory space offers flexibility to the overall business operation. Your business space becomes easier to maintain and manage, and it looks less cluttered to your customers. Storage container space can safely secure useful equipment that might otherwise be stored off-site or hired on an as-needed basis. Mobile office spaces make it possible to add critical support services either at your home location or at a job site.

3) A Portable Storage Container Solution Is Adaptable. Having a portable storage container solution is a fast way to adapt to changing needs for space and inventory control. Compared to leasing new building or warehouse space, or moving the business, a company can use on-site portable storage containers to safely secure products.

4) They Are Cost Effective. Storage containers can save company money in expensive markets. Retailers in San Francisco, New York, or other major U.S. cities will see exorbitant costs for renting a new building or new office space at local lease prices. With the right permits for use, storage containers are the ideal solution, keeping waste at a minimum, and convenience and adaptability at a maximum.

5) Containers Are Great for Construction and Other Jobs at Remote Sites. Storage containers can be used for construction site tools and other small and medium equipment. This eliminates the need to store equipment at an off-site location. Furthermore, large amounts of documents and paperwork can be maintained on-site with special document-storage containers. That increases productivity, shortens job completion time, and makes your company more competitive in the bidding process.

6) Portable Containers Are Safe and Highly Secure. Seeking safety and security for your inventory? Mobile Mini makes available its patented TriCam storage system to ensure an extraordinarily high degree of security for both equipment and documents when bank vault security is needed. We use drill-resistant, state-of-the art hardened steel locks for those less sensitive, but still valuable assets.

What other benefits of storage containers not listed above do you find? Leave a note in the comments.