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Mars Research Foundation Reveals Incredible New Discovery

April 1, 2015 (Phoenix, Ariz.) On March 28, the National Mars Research Foundation in Phoenix discovered an odd structure on Mars during a standard scan of the planet.

“We were investigating what we thought was an abnormal rock structure,” said April Poehl, project scientist at the federation. “Our rover was not able to get close enough to determine the actual object, but photos received last night point to a man-made object on the surface of Mars,” said Poehl.

Poehl continued to say that the object is different than any ever found before on Mars. “We believe the odd structure is a portable storage container,” said Poehl, “But we don’t know how it got there.”

Mobile Mini on Mars Looks like a Mobile Mini container on Mars

Apart from being a momentous discovery for the Mars rover as it completes its 11 year-long exploration of the red planet, the possible storage container raises many unanswerable questions, like how did this portable container get there? And more importantly, what is inside?

Scientists are still determining the best way to proceed with the investigation so they can open the secure container. The foundation reached out to Mobile Mini, the United States’ largest secure, portable storage container company, for support. Mobile Mini is also based in Phoenix, Arizona.

The container almost wasn’t found as its neutral paint blended in with the rocks, a common occurrence with Mobile Mini portable storage containers on planet Earth. Mobile Mini’s secure portable storage containers are commonly overlooked at businesses, hotels, and job sites across North America, and their security has caused concern for would-be thieves. Scientists hope that they’ll be able to open the iron-clad doors one day to find out what is stored on Mars.