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Storage Units at Entertainment Events

Americans love their large-venue live entertainment events. An IBIS report on Concert and Event Promotion showed that the industry revenue grew 3.5 percent in 2013 to a total of $23.7 billion over 2008-2013. The industry revenue continues to grow at a consistent rate. In 2014, revenues from the concert and event promotion business are expected to hit $25 billion in industry revenues.

As a result of this growth, concert promoters are leaning more heavily on vendors and third-party companies on aspects of event management. One such area is the use of mobile storage containers at events for equipment storage, or portable trailers, even for cleanup and debris. Mobile storage containers can be seen in use at high-profile events such as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, ComicCon (various cities) and the Austin Music Festival, and various big ticket events across the U.S, Canada and the U.K.

Benefits of Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers and mobile offices are perfect solutions for major entertainment events and other large gatherings. They are easily installed, easy to use, and can be easily removed at the end of events. Mobile storage units are also highly secure, making them the ideal storage solution for promoters’ staff, office needs and valuables. Containers can provide storage space for sound and lighting equipment, food, water, vending items, and even important event and financial records.
The container industry is growing as a result of more large-scale promoters using storage containers offered by vendors like Mobile Mini. The containers can be locked up securely at night and left on site. There’s no need to move equipment and merchandise each night and morning, and no need to maintain a security staff on hand to watch the premises.
Storage containers can also be used as protected spaces for food vendors and service providers at major events. These containers can be customized to sell souvenirs or provide food, haircuts, or drinks. Because the containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can be tailored to the needs of the show promoters or the partner vendors.

Securing Permits

As you can see, mobile storage containers are good for events, but there are some things to consider ahead of time. Permits for parking containers and office space will often be required. If you are the event organizer, you have already dealt with a host of logistical and permitting issues. The permit for your temporary storage and office space is just one more item on the checklist.
If a vendor or service provider needs a storage container for space issues or as a vending site, the right permits and permissions will need to be applied and confirmed. Permits can usually be obtained from the city or county offices (or via the event promoter), often right up to the start of the event.

Know the Storage Container Use

How can a promoter or a vendor avoid problems with receiving, setting up, and removing a portable mobile container for a successful experience? First, make sure to know the local rules and regulations. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, for example, publishes its forms and applications for vendors and other attendees at the Sturgis motorcycle rally online, along with other useful information about the event.
Second, understand which type of portable storage container is desired and know the space where the container will be placed. Be sure you know what the traffic patterns are going to be at the time of delivery. Streets can be blocked off and large vehicles and temporary structures can reduce the space available for the truck that is delivering your mobile container.

Working with a professional portable storage container company can be of big help to concert promoters and live event managers for all types of events. Storage containers are the right solution, with more storage capabilities for equipment, cables, lighting or other stage gear. Consider using these at your next large-scale event.