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National Accounts Manager

Mobile Mini’s National Accounts Program is tailored to benefit companies with multiple locations in multiple cities. This program offers exclusive savings and benefits with no enrollment cost for its members. One of the many advantages of joining the National Accounts Program is the single point of contact ordering, which is coordinated by a National Accounts Manager (NAM). Each account has one dedicated individual that is an expert on not only specific accounts, but the accounts industry as well. They can offer professional guidance and insight as to how your company can benefit from using our services. For a better understanding on the everyday role of a National Accounts Manager, I sat down with Chad Holan.


As a NAM, Chad’s main focus is to go after large accounts, meet all of their needs and to get their containers where they need to be in a timely manner. The average workday begins at 7:30 AM ends around 6 PM. Presentation and communication play a very important part in one’s success as a National Accounts Manager. For account members, NAMs serve as the face of Mobile Mini. Chad works directly with high level corporate contacts outside the company, as well as the VP of National Accounts, Mobile Mini’s Inside Sales Representatives, the National Accounts Operations Manager, and the Specialized Billing department on a daily basis. The corporate contact is the customer. Chad works with them to discover what the company needs and how becoming a national accounts member can help them. Once he sets up the account, he works with billing to clarify any cost adjustments and collaborates with an ISR to prepare them as the new point of contact for areas to focus their efforts.

As a NAM, “There is no designated peak time of the year – our team is busy all year round.” Chad is stationed at the corporate office in Phoenix, Arizona and travels every other week. He typically leaves town on Monday night or Tuesday morning. While in the field, he prospects for 3 days and visits Mobile Mini branches to meet with management and sales representatives. Each trip, Chad has approximately 9 National Accounts meetings with current customers and new prospects. He visits current customers to ensure they are pleased with their services and to remind them that they remain a priority for Mobile Mini. All new prospects are provided with a National Accounts presentation, which lets them know exactly what we have to offer their company and how they could benefit from a secured storage unit.

According to Chad, the most unique challenge he faces in his role are, “developing the game plan for the customer and making sure that it’s communicated properly to the ISRs, along with the Billing Department and that he executes on the game plan constructed.” He attributes his success in a National Accounts Manager role to several years of outside sales experience dealing with high level accounts, his knack for negotiating and his ability to close the deal. If you have a need for secure storage in multiple locations, visit us at MobileMini.com or contact Chad at 800.950.6464 ext. 3711.