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Choose the Right Storage for Your Phoenix Farm

Efficient, Convenient Farm Storage for Phoenix Cotton Farms

Cotton farmers in Arizona grow some of the highest-quality cotton in the country. The still, dry environment that Phoenix is known for coupled with the ingenuity and talent of the farmers here create ideal conditions for cotton seeds to thrive.

Thriving crop is a what all farmers hope for, but it does result in a few problems. More crop means more equipment on your land, a need for a more productive team, and, of course, somewhere to store everything needed to run a successful Phoenix cotton farm and minimize crop loss.

Silos are a standard farm storage solutions, but they are permanent fixtures that aren’t flexible enough to cover any flux your farm sees. In the event that your silos fill and there is no place to put extra cotton seeds or equipment, how will you organize your farm? Don’t get caught paying more for sub-par farm storage. Give yourself the storage and security you need by trying one of Mobile Mini’s portable storage solutions.

What is The Right Storage for Agriculture?

The right storage for agriculture depends on quite a few factors. Most importantly, you have to consider the best conditions for your crops. For Phoenix farms, that means keeping cotton seeds dry and safe from mold. But any container can do that. You need a storage container that provides more value and helps you run your farm more efficiently. Here are three factors to consider that will lead you to the most cost-effective storage solution.


Your crop is your livelihood. You put hours of hard work, planning, plotting and monitoring into it. Your equipment and tools also help you stay profitable and productive, you can’t afford for anything to happen to them. Invest in a storage solution that comes with a security guarantee to keep everything safe. Mobile Mini’s portable storage containers all come with a patented Tri-Cam Locking System that works like a vault lock, extending steel arms to the top and bottom of the door, locking it into place. Combine that with our all-steel construction and you have the most secure storage solution available.


Farm storage solutions don’t work unless they are convenient and don’t impede on the flow of your operation. It’s why we made it our mission to create the most convenient storage containers. Choose from a traditional single door storage container or a double door for easy access to your equipment.

Custom For You

Most importantly, your farm needs a storage container that works for you. You have a unique operation with specific needs. Your equipment inventory, the footprint you can give a storage container, and the kinds of crops you need to store all dictate the kind of storage solution you need. With Mobile Mini’s variety of storage containers, you won’t waste money on farm storage that doesn’t work for you. Talk to one of our experts and we’ll be able to give you the best options based on your budget and needs. Think of us like a partner in your operations.

The Value of the Right Farm Storage Unit

Farm storage units are an investment. There’s no getting around that. But can they be a worthwhile investment for your agriculture business? To us, the answer is absolutely. With the right storage containers, you will gain more than increased organization and productivity. You will also get peace of mind knowing that everything you need to make your farm successful is safe, secure and stored in a place that keeps you organized.

Try Other Mobile Mini Solutions

For more information on farm storage solutions and how to get the best value for your farm, contact one of our Mobile Mini of Phoenix representatives today. We’ll talk you through the entire process, understand what will truly transform your productivity and provide a custom storage plan for you.