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Customer Service Week

In honor of Customer Service Week, I sat down with a few of our Customer Care Consultants to get a glimpse of Mobile Mini from their perspective. Our Customer Service department is confronted with various obstacles and tasks to complete on a daily basis. They are a very close knit bunch and they don’t mind sharing it!

“We have a great team and our Managers make sure that we have fun while working.” – Cynthia Barber

“I truly think Customer Care is the only department that has this much fun!” – Stephanie Figueroa

Oftentimes when you think customer service, you think of the challenges rather than the achievements. That’s far from the case when speaking with Cynthia and Stephanie who informed me that they rarely deal with customer complaints and they pride themselves on being good at their positions. They credit this to their customer service backgrounds, phone, and accounts receivable experience. Both agree that in their department, it takes on average a minimum of 6 to 9 months to get comfortable with the various tasks that they complete each day. There are always new things to learn, but management plays a huge role in making sure that everyone is informed and confident in their roles. “Supervisors Rose Roberts and Charlette Mays, along with Customer Support Managers Pat Bickerstaff and Bill Thomas do whatever it takes to help improve our department.”
Thanks Stephanie and Cynthia for giving insight on the Customer Service Department. On behalf of Mobile Mini, we certainly appreciate all that you and your team do for this company and our customers!
As this week comes to an end make sure that you let someone in customer service know how much you truly value their help.