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How to Effectively Clean Up After a Flood

If you’re trying to clean up after a flood, the job can seem daunting. To help you tackle the project, here’s a few tips for getting the job done.

Take Precautions. Flood waters can contain many disease-causing bacteria, viruses and organisms. Minimize skin contact with water and wear protective gear like rubber boots, gloves and a face mask. Turn off main power switches, and if necessary, call the electrical company to disconnect your power. You’ll want to do this if the flood water has risen to outlets, cover power cords or near your service panel.

Contact your insurance company. You’ll want to make sure your insurance will cover any damages. Talk to your agent about meeting with an adjustor and what kinds of documentation – photos, video – you’ll need to make a claim.

Get Cleaning. Start by removing all water, mud and debris. Begin cleaning up quickly to reduce the likelihood of getting mold. Remove standing water, hose down any dirt or mud stuck to walls, rinse and clean items with warm, soapy water and disinfect each item with a bleach solution. Throw out any items that are unsalvageable.

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Store Items. After cleaning up, you’ll want to store any items that aren’t contaminated or have been properly cleaned while your business is restored. Keep furniture, business equipment, and inventory in a portable storage container. Mobile Mini has a variety of storage solutions in various sizes to fit your business. Work with a Mobile Mini salesperson to determine which works best for you.

Stay Calm. Cleaning up after a flood is a difficult task, but the important thing is to remain calm throughout the entire process. Enlist the help or professionals to make sure your business is back up and running in no time!