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Space and Security Concerns During a Hotel Renovation

Renovations are a crucial part of the hotel business. Guests want to have the most up-to-date amenities when traveling and in just a few short years, a hotel can find itself to be considered outdated. When you add in the many people who use the showers, walk on the carpet and sleep on the mattresses, a hotel’s furnishings can easily wear out fairly quickly.

According to Hotel Executive, rooms are typically renovated every six to seven years. In 2015, a projected $6.4 billion was spent on hotel renovations, nearly $1 billion more than in 2013, Skift reported.

While renovations are an important part of making sure a hotel continues to be a popular choice for travelers, it’s no secret that they are burdensome. Aside from the cost of the renovation, there are other concerns to think about.

Space Concerns
Most hotel renovations go in stages; the hotelier needs to keep the majority of the business open to maintain a revenue stream during the changes. This means closing down part of the hotel. For instance, Hotel News Now explained usually one floor at a time is focused on.

No matter what part of the hotel is being remodeled, the first thing that needs to be done is to strip the rooms completely. All furniture, artwork and appliances, such as coffee makers and alarm clocks, even refrigerators in suites, need to be taken out.

This can create a storage issue for hotels. All of these things need a place to be stored, but it can’t be on the floor that is being remodeled – dust and debris will leave them worse for the wear. Keeping them in other guest rooms can also be a bad idea – you wouldn’t want to cut down on guest space more than you already are by closing down a floor.

Guest rooms aren’t the only areas that need to be renovated regularly. Exercise rooms, business centers and, of course, the front desk also require an upgrade every once in awhile. However, these can cause more disruptions because there is only one of each of these, while the guest rooms are fairly interchangeable.

Security Problems
It’s also important to keep these items safe during the renovation. Security can fall during big projects like this. If high-priced items like televisions or exercise equipment aren’t kept protected, opportunistic thieves might take advantage of the situation.

Mobile Mini offers mobile storage containers with its patented Tri-Cam Locking System, which means people will have a harder time getting their hands on your expensive equipment, furniture and artwork. The company also have options for mobile offices, which can be great for moving some operations out of the hotel during construction.Storing these items outside can cut down on a lot of these problems. An external storage unit that is safe from tampering and weather-proof is a great way to store mattresses, artwork, appliances and other necessary items will keep them out of harm’s way during construction by keeping them in a corner of the parking lot or another location.

Renovating your hotel is never easy. But by planning ahead for the spacing and security concerns you might run into, you can limit the stress a renovation will cause.