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Historic Hotel to Undergo Renovation

In the northeast part of North Carolina lies Elizabeth City, an area that can trace its roots back to the middle of the 18th century.

Currently, a modest population of just under 20,000 call Elizabeth City home.

Because of its storied history, which includes the site of a Civil War battle, many landmarks harken back to an era long in the past. In a time where new building construction incorporates modern design aesthetics, these old styles may be forgotten to a portion of the population.

Storied Hotel to Be Remodeled

As buildings age, it’s not uncommon for them to be totally demolished or restored. Such is the case with Southern Hotel, which is located on Main Street in Elizabeth City. Originally built in 1872, The Virginian-Pilot stated guests haven’t stayed at the location in years because of its poor condition. However, the first floor of the building is currently occupied by a variety of local businesses.

“Pretty soon, guests will be able to visit a building built 140 years ago.”

Even so, numerous bystanders are still curious to stop by. And pretty soon, they’ll be able to visit a building built 140 years ago but updated to today’s standards.

One construction firm plans to spend over $5 million renovating the South Hotel and other buildings on Main Street so guests are able to book a stay in the historic structures. Construction is planned to commence at the start of 2017 and finish sometime in 2018.

In an interview with The Virginian-Pilot, local townspeople said that if the hotel is able to be restored to its former self, it would provide a much-needed boom to Elizabeth City by attracting other businesses.

Additionally, once the project is complete and goes according to plan, it will also provide incentive for other old, abandoned buildings to be the target of similar renovation plans.

Where Storage Comes into Play

On any construction site, workers will need a place to store their tools and other gear. The hotel, once it gets closer to opening, can also take advantage of mobile storage containers by storing hotel items in these secure pods.

By doing so, hotel management can help further expedite the opening of the renovated hotel because there is no need to wait for items to be shipped to the location.