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3 Popular Destinations Hilton Chose for its Curio Collection

In the hotel industry, branding is a top priority. Travel can be exhausting and frustrating enough, and finding pleasant accommodations can be tricky. Hotels need to remain consistent, relevant and recognizable across all locations to bring in repeat visitors.

One part of managing an international company includes releasing new branding practices that appeal to changing consumer preferences. Hilton, a major hotel chain, knows this game well. Its most recent move has been opening a new collection of hotels across some prominent destinations around the world.

The Curio Collection focuses on local character and makes a point to choose unique buildings and locations. At times, this requires hotel renovations to update the space the hotel will be placed in. The hotels are tailored to serve upscale and luxury travelers who want to experience a particular city’s distinct flavor.

Three must-see cities in which travelers can experience the Curio Collection include:

1. Chicago, Illinois

Built in 1923, the London Guarantee & Accident Building hosted some of the greatest jazz musicians of the era. The LondonHouse closed in the 1970s, but the tales of lively shows that took place there lived on. Hilton loved the history behind the building as well as the authentic ’20s-era architectural elements. A recently-built 22-story Modernist glass tower, designed to fit in with the style of the building, will welcome guests as they enter into a lobby as glamorous as the singers who once performed at the LondonHouse. Additionally, the refurbished historic cupola rooftop dining area will give visitors the chance to look out on Chicago’s gorgeous skyline and Lake Michigan.

2. St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis Union Station looks more like a castle than a hotel – or railroad station, its original purpose. The building, now more than 120 years old, was constructed with Indiana limestone and features 280-foot clock tower. But the main draw is the Grand Hall, where a 3D light show is displayed nightly on the 65-foot vaulted ceiling. The National Historic Landmark recently underwent $40 million worth of renovations and is now a part of Curio’s exclusive club of hotspots.

3. Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Curio doesn’t solely pursue historic buildings for its locations. In Costa Rica, Hilton is more enamored with the natural beauty of Osa Peninsula. A new resort will be built for the Curio Collection in one of the most remote areas of the island, according to Hotel News Resource. One of the only tropical fjords in the world is located here, and humpback whales are known to migrate through the nearby ocean.

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