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Arizona Hospitals Get an Upgrade

When Banner Health acquired the University of Arizona Health Network, it knew changes would need to be made to the hospital’s infrastructure, Modern Healthcare reported. Construction is already taking place in Tucson and Phoenix as a result of the acquisition.

Prior to the $1 billion purchase, UAHN was in a poor financial state. The networks leadership wasn’t stable and as soon as Banner took charge, it saw a need to put $30 million into basic needs for the hospital.

Building a Better Hospital Network

Improvement didn’t stop there. Banner has a plan to continue to improve the hospital network in the coming years by bringing academics into the picture, changing the way doctors approach their business and, of course, improving infrastructure. Banner plans to put $40 million a year into academics, including medical schools and training. Over the course of five years, $500 million will go toward building upgrades, according to The Arizona Republic.

One of these upgrades will be in the form of a nine-story building that will include operating rooms and updated medical equipment in Tucson. Another $100 million will go toward a multi-specialty clinic adjacent to the Arizona Cancer Center on the Tucson North campus. The location for this building in particular is important, as the multi-specialty clinic will have imaging abilities so cancer patients won’t have to travel to another location for this service.

Banner is making a lot of healthcare infrastructure changes in Phoenix and Tucson.
Infrastructure changes are coming as a result of Banner’s acquisition of the University of Arizona Health Network.

In Phoenix, another building is in the works. A 16-story emergency department and patient tower, set to be completed in 2018, will be the tallest building in the city when finished. Aside from this, a medical clinic that will be located near the hospital will also be constructed.

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