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Schools Hurry to Finish Construction


We may not notice it just yet, but as the calendar months start to climb, the start of another school year approaches – much to students chagrin.

But students aren’t the only ones with a new school year on the horizon. Teachers and administrators are also preparing to further the education of their students.

Unfortunately, one school district is racing against the clock for another reason: it’s new highschool hasn’t been totally constructed yet.

school constructionWhen a school is under construction, mobile storage can help.

School Construction Worries

For the last two years, a brand new high school, Grace Lutheran, has been under construction in Pocatello, Idaho. But according to the local ABC affiliate, Local News 8, construction hasn’t been completed as of the middle of July.

This is worrisome because the first day of class is August 22. Students first applied to attend the brand new private school approximately two years ago and those students who walk through the doors in August will be the school’s first graduates four years later.

In an interview with Local News 8, Executive Director at Grace Lutheran School, Robert Raschke, said despite the nearing start date, everything should be good to go by then.

“Currently, concrete is going down on the floor, the metal surround of the building is going up, electrical, plumbing and all parts,” Raschke added. “Lots of moving pieces right now in that project.”

In the event any school may not finish construction in time for the new year, administrators may find it beneficial to utilize temporary onsite storage.

Schools and Storage

By utilizing mobile storage containers, teachers and administrators are able to store teaching supplies and other materials in a secure area. When construction is completed, these items can then be transferred back without the hassle of having to head to an off-site storage facility.

But in the event construction isn’t finished, mobile storage containers provide an alternative for teachers and school administrators to safely store valuable supplies. Construction might force some sections of a school to close, which means indoor storage facilities may have to be temporarily converted into classrooms. With the help of portable storage, teachers and faculty can easily retrieve the items they need.