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During School Construction, Physical Education Can’t be Forgotten


Physical education can’t be ignored in elementary schools, particularly when a school is in the midst of renovations.

According to the the American Heart Association, one out of every six children is obese and to improve their condition before serious issues arise later in life, physical education during the school day is needed.

Not only will young students get the physical activity on a weekly basis, but they’ll also learn about health habits that include foods to avoid eating. However, the American Heart Association noted numerous schools across the country are actually cutting back on physical education programs because of budgetary concerns.

With this in mind, schools that already have the resources for this type of curriculum also have to remember their importance during times when school buildings may be in the midst of construction.

Kids on playgroundEven in the midst of construction on the gym, students still need to participate in physical education.

The Story of One School

Since November 2015, construction has been ongoing at Moyer Elementary School in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, with an estimated completion date of April 2018.

Part of the project is the construction of a new gymnasium after the old one, which was in use since the 1930s, was demolished. But until students and teaching staff have access to the modern facility, they have to hold gym classes on the school’s front lawn for physical activities.

Students are also getting their daily exercise on a side driveway, where they can jump rope or play games such as tag, reported the Cincinnati Enquirer.

How Much Physical Education Is Needed

The U.S. Department of Health stated children should partake in at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activities every day. Children benefit because over time, they’ll build and maintain their muscles, reduce the risk for chronic illnesses and develop habits to follow later in life.

Additionally, getting the right amount of activity in gym classes throughout the year can also help students excel in the classroom.

The importance of physical activities can’t be ignored. As such, staff and students may sometimes have to come up with unique ways to ensure they are still able to participate in gym classes even if the school building is covered in dust and construction equipment.

Storage Needs

During any large scale renovation, mobile storage containers will come in handy. When schools lose space, temporary, on-site solutions can help store important items students and teachers rely on.

When access to the gym is not available, mobile storage containers can be the home of everything from basketballs and footballs to specific team equipment. This way, schools will still ensure students have access to equipment and are able to participate in physical education classes.