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Top 3 U.S. Cities for Major Airport Renovations

In 2015, 895.5 million passengers were scheduled to fly on American airlines, either domestically or internationally, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. These major transportation hubs must be maintained, and as such, airport construction renovations are taking place all over the nation.

These three U.S. cities are home to some of the busiest airports in the nation that will soon undergo significant renovations:

1. Chicago

Chicago is home to two of the 25 busiest airports in the U.S., according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

O’Hare International Airport was the fourth-busiest airport in the world in 2015, with 76.9 million passengers traveling through its halls and terminals throughout the year, Chicago Business reported. Though this is certainly good for the airport, there are some drawbacks. The Chicago Tribune noted that O’Hare experiences some of the longest flight delays in the country.

In response, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced plans to add as many as nine gates to Terminal 5, and dismantle and reconstruct Terminal 2, making it the airport’s focal terminal.

O’Hare’s multi-billion dollar renovations are still in the works. But they aren’t the only airport-related construction projects slated to begin in Chicago. On the south side of the city, Midway International Airport is also getting ready for its own expansion, according to the Chicago Tribune. The currently crowded security waiting area will get 80,000 square feet bigger through the widening of the pedestrian bridge over Cicero Ave. Additionally, the 17 security lanes now available will increase to 27.

2. Atlanta

Next is Atlanta, home of the world’s busiest airport. In 2015, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport was the first airport to serve 100 million passengers in a single calendar year, USA Today reported. But the 36-year-old building is aging: Both functionality and aesthetics are deteriorating. Not to mention, its passenger count is quickly outgrowing its corridors.

As such, the airport revealed plans for renovations that will cost more than $6 billion, according to Curbed Atlanta. The airport’s signature orange paneling, which dates back to the ’80s-era construction, will be replaced by windows that will allow more light to enter the concourses. A new concourse and additional runways are also possible additions, which could help keep flights on time and improve traffic.

3. New York City

Third is the only other city besides Chicago that has two airports in the nation’s top 25 busiest list: New York City. The less busy of the two, LaGuardia Airport, is slated to undergo some major renovations that will modernize the transportation hub.

Just short of eight decades old, the airport was once referred to as the “air gateway to America,” according to amNY.com. Today, the terminals and runways that were once considered ahead of their time and falling behind, leading to flight delays, crowded lines and, ultimately, unhappy travelers.

Because of this, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo drafted a five-year plan to rebuild the facility, with the help of his Airport Advisory Panel. The $7 billion project will bring more commuter options to the airport, connect all four terminals through a central building and open up more room for aircraft taxiways by pushing the building closer to the highway.

While these renovations are both long overdue and greatly needed, the fact is that construction always causes some complications. With millions of commuters passing through these hallways every year, and construction likely to take several years to complete, there is great risk for something to go wrong.

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