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Houston School Construction Requires Mobile Mini

Construction work on a school can cause major havoc for a lot of people. From students and teachers who have to adjust their daily routines  to avoid onsite renovations, to parents, school bus drivers and a host of others that have a direct connection to the school’s daily operations, there’s guaranteed to be some hassle involved with onsite renovations.

With the construction and any ensuing complications that may arise from it, education leaders often opt to reorganize how the school is run. Some classrooms may need to be moved as a result of the work, or textbooks and equipment will need to be stored in a new location. The end result of construction is hopefully an improved, modern building. But the teaching and learning need to continue during the construction stage, requiring some changes in how work is done.

In Houston, city officials recently pledged more than $200 million to cover for a hole in the city budget designed for school construction. Given the size of the city and the school district, the ramifications of the new money allocated for school construction could be massive. It also means that many schools in the city will need to develop and implement plans for dealing with the changes as a result of the construction in the coming months and years.

Massive Overhaul for Schools
The Houston Independent School District is one of the largest of its kind in the U.S. According to American School & University, more than 15 percent of the city’s population attends public schools, a higher ratio than cities with comparable populations, such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Niche Education stated that in 2015-16, more than 211,000 students went to HISD schools, making it the largest school district in Texas.

A large influx of spending on construction should help many of the city’s schools improve the type of education they can provide to those students. Houston Public Media reported that more than 40 schools will be impacted in the first round of construction upgrades.

Among the issues the construction will look to repair are fixing serious leaks and cracks in some of the district’s oldest buildings. Additionally, the Houston Chronicle stated that issues like athletic facilities, restrooms and technology would also be upgraded thanks to the spending.

“Our goal always has been to provide students with state-of-the-art schools that offer modern learning spaces specially designed to meet the needs of today’s global graduates,” HISD Superintendent Terry Grier said in a statement. “Once built, these schools will inspire community pride for generations to come.”

While some projects were specified in the announcement of the spending bond, the HISD is giving itself until spring 2016 to finalize all of their plans. That gives some schools around the city to develop contingency plans to determine how they will store all of their possessions while keeping their students’ and staffs’ well-being their top priority.

Keeping Items Safe During Construction
Many schools that undergo construction develop plans on where to put classes whose rooms are being worked on, or alternative places for teachers to park if a lot is being dug up. But what they don’t account for is where items like books, computers, expensive sports and music equipment and other valuable items will be kept during the often times lengthy construction process.

Safe and secure storage units from Mobile Mini can help a school district handle the changes that come as a result of construction. With units available in a variety of sizes, the portable, on-site storage facilities allow a school to store anything they need to keep safe for extended periods of time. Given how much dust, debris and mess can come as a result of a school remodeling, having a secure place to keep anything from important student documents to maintenance equipment is vital. The units, made with strong steel construction, also keep what’s stored inside safe from theft.

Mobile Mini is also weatherproof, meaning it can handle everything from the sun of the Texas summer heat to heavy rain storms. Given how much will be changing for the HISD, the best way to ensure every step of the construction process goes according to plan is by acquiring Mobile Mini storage units.