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During the Unexpected, Rely on Storage Solutions

Constructing new buildings is a process that involves lots of planning and even more time. It’s not unusual to hear of projects taking upwards of two years to complete.

While a years long project may seem like a lot, consider all the moving parts required to take a new building from concept to reality. The land also needs to be looked at ahead of time to ensure the proposal makes sense. Architects have to draw up the plans while hiring a construction firm to handle the daily execution.

The fewer number of surprises during construction, the better. Unfortunately, that can’t be said about the discovery at a recent construction site.

Hotel Project Delayed

Toward the end of July, crews broke ground in Austin, Texas, to start building the Hotel ZaZa and Gables Republic Square project. Up until this point, the hotel had faced a handful of delays already.

But as crews started digging to form the foundation of the hotel, they soon discovered ground water beneath the construction site. Now, the project is further delayed as a giant pool of water has formed at the site, the Austin Business Journal reported.

Although crews are removing water as fast as possible, the Austin Planning and Zoning Department said water will likely still remain constant. Essentially, there’s no telling when crews will be able to resume with the building plans.

Water Is Common Underground

Interestingly, Hotel ZaZa president Benji Homsey and Gables Residential development director Jennifer Wiebrand both expected coming across ground water.

In an interview with the Austin American-Statesmen, Wiebrand said they planned for such a situation to occur. While an above-ground parking structure would have avoided this current delay, it was decided an underground structure would represent the more appealing option.

As crews continue to remove water as quickly as possible, equipment and tools can sit at the site unused. It may not make financial sense for firms to remove everything from the job site, only to bring everything back once all of the water is removed.

How Mobile Mini Helps

Luckily, mobile storage containers from Mobile Mini can help in similar situations. The storage pods, which come in varying lengths, are able to be stored on or near a construction site but away from busy areas.

This allows crews to store their equipment overnight in a safe location, or as is the situation in Austin, until construction activities can resume again. More so, Mobile Mini containers will also protect valuable and expensive equipment from the elements, such as high winds and rain.