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Welcome to the Mobile Mini Blog

Mobile Mini has over 30 years of experience in the portable storage business. Many of our employees began their careers here and have literally grown up with our company. We began as a local Phoenix, Arizona company and have since become an international, publicly traded corporation (NASDAQ: MINI) with over $400M in annual revenue.

One of the benefits of being the industry leader in secure storage is our rich archive of experience, knowledge and data. We understand the multiple needs our products meet in industries like hospitality, retail, education, entertainment and construction.

We look forward to sharing our expertise in storage and business with our readers. We know that the competition will be reading along with you, but we also know that no competitor can match our expertise when it comes to servicing storage and offices needs. Mobile Mini stands above all local and national companies when it comes to locations, variety and fleet size.

To wrap up our first posting, the first of many, we would like to share a video showing our patented locking system. Enjoy and check back often to see how our business can help you. We will post a variety of case studies, infographics videos, white papers and some fun things sprinkled in.

Welcome to the Mobile Mini blog!