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Using Storage Containers as Branding Vehicles

Using Storage Containers as Branding VehiclesMobile storage containers are highly practical solutions for businesses and individuals needing additional space for storage of inventory, equipment, supplies, and documents, and even as workspace or a venue for sales at either temporary or semi-permanent locations. There are a wide range of portable storage units and portable offices available with proprietary security systems, multiple door options and over 100 different configuration options. Retailers, hotels, construction companies, schools, hospitals and others use portable storage units for a wide variety of storage and office space solutions.

Branding Opportunities

A mobile storage container sitting outside a place of business may already be acting as a branding vehicle. Customers may see the large, interesting metal container outside your building and associate your business with it. In the proper context, mobile storage containers convey the message to consumers that your business is larger and busier than you can contain in a shop or a building. Adding any kind of decorative element to the container will show people the sense of fun you have about your business, too. It can show that your business cares about the neighborhood, that it has a sense of humor or style (depending on how you choose to decorate), or that you have something to say (or advertise), with large banners hanging on a mobile storage container. Stacking multiple containers and placing the banner on the uppermost container gets your message above all the “noise.” Just be sure to check local ordinances for any height restrictions, and with your storage container provider for guidance on stacking.

Hip Container Stores

Similar stories are appearing from all over the country. The Aprisa Mexican Restaurant, started in a mobile storage unit in Portland, Oregon, was so successful it is now franchised. Although the food is the star, a lot of the appeal is the image, as customers relate on Yelp. Storage containers have also been used to brand ice cream parlors and museums.

Branding as Business Strategy

For most users of mobile storage units, the branding opportunity is more subtle but potentially a useful adjunct to a business strategy. If you already have or need a mobile storage unit, why not consider the ways you can make it work for you beyond simply as a place for storage? Because of their size, mobile storage units are obvious choices for the placement of signs or business logos that draw attention to your place of business.
The uniqueness of storage containers in any environment will draw attention in ways that traditional buildings and signage do not. A retail store using a mobile storage unit for excess or seasonal inventory can effectively advertise specific products or sales with signs on the container. Regular changes in the signage, such as to advertise sales or specials or seasonal items, will alert local consumers to stay tuned and have them looking and noticing where traditional advertising does not. And signage on a mobile storage unit is less obtrusive than a standalone sign, such as a billboard, yet allows advertising to be done apart from the main place of business, where larger signs can obscure windows and the visual appeal of the store itself.

Tips for Branding

If signage is not your need or your style, but you want to convey a positive image of your business, consider artwork or simply artistic or colorful banners hung on storage containers. This is a chance to convey something about the personality of a business and its relationship to the community. Making your storage container one of the more interesting and cheerful features of the local landscape says a lot about the type of business you run. Simple decorative elements at holiday time can convey a sense of spirit and whimsy at the same time. And because of their uniqueness, storage containers are also naturally good sites for community messages, such as appeals for charitable causes or words of inspiration.
Branding that strongly links your business to the community can be especially powerful at places like construction sites. These types of sites often have signs abounding with permit information and more. Branding messages on storage containers can help introduce new construction and new businesses into the community. A common branding message, decorative scheme or logo on your storage containers will help people remember who you are and what you have to offer.