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Storing Options Inside Your Storage Container

Storing Options Inside Your Storage ContainerLeasing a storage container is becoming an important consideration for many businesses across the United States. Retailers, hotels, business offices, event venues, concert promoters and construction facilities are among many types of users of storage containers. The reasons are many:

  • Retailers can better manage their seasonal inventory;
  • Construction companies can use containers to store or temporarily hold equipment or materials;
  • Business offices can store older furniture items, heavy office equipment or just the large amounts of paper-based office records.

Learning how to efficiently manage extra inventory and assets goes to the core of using large storage containers, without unnecessary costs or inconvenience. Let’s learn about various storage options.

Types of Storage

One of the first planning activities to consider is the type of storage necessary for your goods and equipment. You may need large boxes or crates for business records, office or retail inventory needs. These can be sealed and stacked in a storage container. Other items, like power equipment or large pieces of furniture, may need to be stored as is, with some precautions taken to protect them during storage.

If you are storing the contents of an office, you’ll need to use secure and safe methods to keep paper documents organized and highly secure. Mobile Mini can provide boxes for purchase as needed in a variety of sizes and configurations to maximize the usability of the space. This is a good option for those looking to store mostly small to medium-sized inventory items. All of these needs can be accommodated in storage containers. We can also provide advice and a variety of useful modifications to make the container fit your specific needs.

Inside Shelving

A useful addition to a storage container for many types of storage is shelving. Many customers often use shelving to maximize the use of the storage container space. Shelving, please check for availability in your area, permits additional types of storage in the central part of the container, such as larger equipment and even automobiles, depending on the storage unit.

Our exclusive storage shelving system is customized to your preferences. Storage unit shelving is adjustable in width and height. Most common storage needs can be met with appropriate shelving to accommodate items that are primarily stored in boxes or otherwise easily placed on shelves.

Construction Projects

What about storage for a construction project? Construction project managers are often in need of secure storage at the job site. Many big sites require a storage unit to be delivered to the construction site location. Having one on-site removes the need to have workers trucking items back and forth from remote garage locations or a storage facility. Using Mobile Mini’s secure locking system and steel container keeps the goods safe from would-be thieves or inclement weather. It is possible, the storage container can be modified and optimized to accommodate the specific needs of a construction project. This includes storage of both large and small equipment.

Mobile offices are also available for construction sites, including high security offices and combined high security office and storage spaces. These mobile offices can be used for meetings, client visits, and even a place for employee break periods. Offices come with air conditioning and other amenities that make it possible to conduct business and provide a comfortable environment for workers. Construction project managers can eliminate the need for transport of equipment, supplies, records, and other worker necessities between the main office and the job site.

Secure Document Storage

Secure storage of important documents is another common need among businesses undergoing renovations or construction, and those simply outgrowing their workspace. Customers can use a wide assortment of sturdy boxes designed for portable document storage. Stored inside the premium container, with Mobile Mini’s patented Tri-Cam Locking System, these boxes can securely hold sensitive and important documents, making this a solution for temporary or even long-term record storage.

De-Clutter and Organize

Temporary extra storage space also works well when undertaking a combined renovation/upgrade and reorganization of belongings. Removing equipment, furniture and cabinets frees up space to do office or work upgrades, like replacing the flooring, painting the walls and ceilings, or installing a new conference room.

Using a storage container to help get the space cleared out and reorganized is very efficient. When the interior design teams come in to do their work, you’ll know that your goods and furnishings are safely stored and nearby in a steel storage container. When the inside job is finished, you’ll have a full inventory of items to check and bring back into the space. Want to sell some of that stuff you took out? Use the storage container as an on-the-spot “garage sale” location for any items no longer required back inside.

In any storage container, it’s possible to create a custom organizing strategy as these containers can accommodate any type of free-standing shelving, desks, boxes, safes and other containers. Ramps can be provided to allow storage of vehicles or other equipment to move material into the storage unit.

For storage needs in hotel management, construction work, office relocations and other instances, the storage container is likely to be the right addition to a project. Get in touch with the staff at Mobile Mini. We are ready to help you understand the uses and potential of your storage containers, the add-ons, and the custom features that can help you get the best storage experience possible.