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Five Things NEVER Said About Storage Space

There are very few things in life and business that you can have too much of. Most people will agree that you cannot have too many customers or too much revenue. However, each day retailers are faced with the stress of limited inventory and being unable to meet demands due to large volume of customers. When it comes to revenue, businesses have to adjust their logistics and operation processes to meet client expectations.

Businesses become content in with their markets and scopes, placing limitations on company and revenue potential. .These businesses would probably agree that they could never have too much storage space. We compiled a list of things that a business owner would never say about storage space.

  1. “We can’t lease that property; it has too much storage space.”
  2. “I would like to order more inventory than I need because I have too much space in my warehouse”.
  3. “Let’s cut our warehouse in half and turn it into parking, there is just too much room.”
  4. “The customer selection is too large because we have so much room for storage.”
  5. “To make our employees happy, lets put a basketball court in the warehouse, we don’t need the space.”

If you are lucky enough to have the perfect amount of space or too much space, we applaud you in your ability to plan. If you are like the 80,000 business owners and managers we deal with daily, then Mobile Mini can help get you closer to storage space heaven.

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