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Mobile Mini’s Culture of Safety: The Road to 0 Incidents

U.S. employers pay approximately $1 billion per week in worker’s compensation costs alone according to OSHA. And for three consecutive years U.S. workplace fatalities have risen. Last year more than 5,000 were recorded for the first time since 2008 says U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Now more than ever we need thought leadership putting workplace safety as a Number 1 focus. It sounds unlikely but even a big multi-national company with 120 U.S. branches and [...]

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Habitat for Humanity Builds up with the Help of Mobile Mini

Across the nation, Mobile Mini has been assisting Habitat for Humanity in the storage of valuable materials to provide families the common dream of one day owning a home. You may have seen that Mobile Mini provided Habitat for Humanity in Fremont, California, with ground level offices and portable containers. These offices deliver a helpful hand in the process of getting more families in new homes by providing a secure place to store valuables to get [...]

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National Accounts Manager

Mobile Mini's National Accounts Program is tailored to benefit companies with multiple locations in multiple cities. This program offers exclusive savings and benefits with no enrollment cost for its members. One of the many advantages of joining the National Accounts Program is the single point of contact ordering, which is coordinated by a National Accounts Manager (NAM). Each account has one dedicated individual that is an expert on not only specific accounts, but the accounts [...]

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Mobile Mini Wichita Drone View

Mobile Mini combined all our product lines under one roof in Wichita, KS in December 2015. Mobile Mini storage containers, Water Movers pumps and tanks, and ETS specialty containment products now share the same physical location. The branch is housed in a former school bus facility and has a permanent structure previously used to maintain the school buses and offices for the transportation department. To help you appreciate the breadth of the offering at the [...]

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Mobile Mini Value: Community Involvement

Mobile Mini, like most companies, shares our values both internally with the team members and externally for existing and potential customers and investors. People like to be involved with organizations that share common values and goals. If you looked at most company's values, you would see very similar terms and phrases; things like integrity and improvement. More and more companies are adding values related to the communities they operate in and where their employees live. When Mobile Mini [...]

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