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Portable Secure Garages Create Peace of Mind

We see them all the time; trucks with ladders, cords, tool boxes and all kinds of equipment and power tools. Work trucks container a business’s lifeblood, allowing work to be completed and customers to be satisfied. For drivers to be efficient, they have to have the right tools and parts available at all times.

These trucks are work vehicles not a your normal off-hour transportation. The trucks and all the valuable pieces of equipment need to be parked overnight, over weekends and extended holidays (like the ones rapidly approaching). Parking them is not enough, drivers need a place to secure and stow any items that can garner the attention of potential unscrupulous people, looking for easy picking and some quick cash.

If the driver is lucky enough to have a larger garage, the task becomes simpler, just pull in and perhaps lock up the items that might be tempting for a potential predator. Other drivers might have yard space with well-lighted areas, security cameras and perhaps a few roaming meat-eating dogs. What about those who have to park outside in an area ripe with crime, theft and vandalism?

You can now park your tools AND your truck in a portable storage container making it in essence a portable garage complete with the security needed to allow the driver to have peace of mind and enjoy their family time without worrying about insurance claims or police reports. By locking the truck and everything in it in a secure place, there is no need to spend time rearranging equipment to secure areas. There is no wasted time digging through locked boxes the next day or making that dreaded call to 911 to report a theft.

Mobile Mini can help make these portable secure garages a reality. Mobile Mini’s containers are not just the standard 8′ wide versions; we offer 10′ wide containers providing the space to enter and exit the vehicle while providing you with access to the tools you need. One truck per container will prevent co-workers from pulling equipment off when you are not around allowing you to be more efficient when you are out on a job site. Lock the container, and you alone have access.

Put a portable storage container at your workplace and have you own portable security garage.